* A Dental implant is an Artificial tooth root replacement and is given when there is natural tooth loss. It is a fixed and permananent option.

* Latest in dental implants are Basal and Zygomatic implants.

* In ourĀ Healthy Smiles Dental Care & Sripuram Dental Care, dental implant placement is done under either local anesthesia or General Anesthesia depending on the patient’s condition by our specialised and experienced implantalogists.

* “Teeth for All” and “Teeth in a Day” is our clinics motto.




* A fixed and permanent option in patients where there is total loss of teeth.

* When the patient wants only “fixed teeth”.

* Dental Implants are a very good option for paralysis, seizures and in patients with motor disability, where in removable teeth are not advised.

* Dental Implants can be given in Diabetic patients and also for patients who have medical complications like B.P, Hypo and Hyper thyroid problems etc.

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