Maxillofacial Surgery


Maxillofacial Surgery includes: *Splinting of fractured facial bones like cheek bones, frontal bones, nose and jaws because of road traffic accidents or fall from vehicles etc.,

* Correction of small, forward or backward placed jaws.

* Correction of cleft lip and palate.

* Treatment for cysts and tumors.

* Treatment for decreased mouth opening in Oral submucous fibrosis.

* Treatment for TMJ problems

* Treatment for oral cancers.

* Incision and drainage of oral cavity infections.

* Correction/ Release of Tongue tie.

* Zygomatic Implants for black fungus affected apatients where there is no jaw bone.

* We at Healthy Smiles Dental Care & Sripuram Dental Care perform all oral, Maxillofacial treatments by our team of doctors who are well trained and has many years of experience.

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