Pediatric Dentistry


* Pediatric dentistry deals with oral problems of children.

* Pedodontist is a child specialist who is trained specifically in child psychology and children oral and dental problems.

* Pediatric check up means a child should visit a dentist when the first milk tooth erupts in oral cavity.

* In our Healthy Smiles Dental Care & Sripuram Dental Care, we do the following pediatric dental procedures:

– Check up and if necessary counselling for the child who has lip sucking habit, finger sucking habit etc

– Flouride treatments as a preventive measures for dental cavities.

– Habit breaking appliances for lip & finger sucking habits.

– Parent counselling and suggestions for feeding a cleft lip & palate child.

– Early diagnosis and assessment of gums,milk teeth & permanent teeth problems, jaw problems, short lip assessment, crowding of teeth and correction of all these problems.

– Treatment for fractured and injured lips, jaws in accidents or falls or avulsed teeth.

– Restorations for milk teeth cavities.

– Pulp therapy for infected painful milk teeth.

– Stainless steel and zirconia caps for decayed milk teeth.

– Treatment under sedation and general anesthesia for uncooperative children.

* Pediatric dental care is very important as any dental and jaw problems will be diagnosed in initial stages.

* In our clinics, The child is taken care of with utmost care, so that the children are less scared and less anxious, there by cooperating with the treatment procedures.

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